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This is the build diary for the HAFS Goblin. I need a new project like another hole in my head, but this one has been gnawing at me ever since I finished it the first time in 2006.



Getting Started

This HAFS Goblin is an original scratch build based off a HAFS Jerry and SAFS with a bit of putty and styrene work. I was never that thrilled with the finished model, but at the time I just wanted to call it done. I've learned quite a few new weathering tricks since 2006 so it seems like a good time to visit an old friend.

The most challenging part so far was to get the terrain off the bottom of the feet. The model was glued to Celluclay groundwork with white glue. The Celluclay popped off the acrylic base easy enough but I had to soak the feet an a dish of warm water for a couple of hours to soften the glue and strip the stuff off the bottom.  A model pedicure. The patches of Mr Surfacer 500 are attempts to re-texture the areas where I sanded off the decals. Later on, I was to find out that an X-Acto blade did the job quicker and easier with less damage. A crack also developed along a scribed panel line, I'm not sure why, and it may prove to be more challenging that one might think to correct.

This Goblin suffered stress cracks in the plastic at the "knee" joint just above the shock mount. I used CA to fix the joints and had to putty and sand the cracks. Both shocks also had a stress cracks but the cracks is along a detail and won't easily be seen. These wer fixed with water thin CA. I'll find out with primer if they need to be cleaned up.

I started to map out a Mickey Mouse camo pattern, but I'm not sure I want to go this route. It might end up with a worn white wash over green but I'm not sure yet.



The model has been screwed to the wooden base for ease of handling and will stay there through out the painting and weathering process.



The HAFS Goblin has recieved a base coat of paint. It is airbrushed with Tamiya JA Green and lightened with Yellow Green. A little Tamiya Clear was added to the mixtures to improve blending. Certain details were picked out and highlighted by hand painting. They are kinda difficult to tell with this lighting.  Minor touch ups are needed before filters and washes.



He fits pretty well right out of the box but is going to require some minor surgery and putty to get him to fit properly.

I still haven't applied any markings to the Goblin yet, I think the blue tack is a good color blue for the markings though and will fit nicely with the whitewash. This model will have a winter theme which is perfect because for the next few days, it will be too cold for me to do any further airbrushing.

This guy's left hand is way bigger than his right and his hands are bigger than the seated "mechanic" with the coffee mug. The fingers will need some re-work anyway.


Mechanic Mods

Green putty is Green Stuff
Yellow Putty is Miliput Standard
Putty that you can't see. Aves Apoxie Sculpt Natural

This was my first time working with Green Stuff in a very long time 20+ years. Horrible stuff to work with but good results and I can see why people put up with it. It wanted to stick to everything but the model; fingers, knives, sculpting tools. I tried baby powder, saliva, water, and petroleum jelly all with the same results of suck. But, I was able to get some nice soft details. Compare that to the sharp details of the Miliput which got too wet while working with it. These will require a bit of smoothing.

So, if you are familiar with the figure, I replaced the pockets which suffered detail loss because of the requirements for molding. These were easy, aside for the whole sticking issue.  I applied  a couple of unit patches, but I thought they were a bit thick, so I  easily popped them off, and will probably replace them with lead foil. I still need to add a bit of smaller details like buttons and a proper zipper pull.