Firefly X-K427 - Chapter 3 - Detail Paint and Weathering

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Firefly X-K427
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Chapter 3 - Detail Paint and Weathering
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May 18 2010

Interior Painting and Details. Those aren't decals. All instruments were hand painted with Vallejo. I then applied a drop of MicroScale Crystal Clear on the gauges to represent the glass.



June 1 2010

Look, my favorite part; masking. The canopy was actually easier than the stripes. If you look closely, the interior of the frame is the same buff color as the rest of the interior. After all the Tamiya Masking tape was applied, I airbrused the interior color first, then black for opacity and then the exterior color. I learned that off a model aircraft site and now I'm passing it on to you.



June 28 2010

Weathering is nearly complete. Lots of filters, washes, straight oils, and chipping with acrylics.



July 7 2010

The base is a block of 1 inch thick MDF, painted with black hammertone spray paint. The groundwork is my usual miture of Acrylic Gel Medium with sand, dirt, gravel, and root litter. The vegitation is lichen and Woodland Scenics Turf.



August 9 2010


The pilot is the driver from the Krupp 6 wheel donor kit. The helmet is modified from the one supplied with the Bo105 kit. The figure is painted with Vallejo Acrylics. The visor received three coats of Future Floor Polish to achieve the desired gloss level.