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This site is a gallery of my finished builds, in-progress projects, tips, reviews, and reference articles. I have expanded my interests into armor modeling but the main focus of this site is still SF3D/Maschinen Krieger.

SF3D was a Sci Fi plastic model series which ran during the mid 1980s. The series was created by artist Kow Yokoyama with Kunitaka Imai and Hiroshi Ichimura. SF3D was introduced in the Hobby Japan Magazine as a special monthly installment of scratch built models. Nitto, a small Japanese company picked up the rights to make plastic kits of Kow's designs. The models produced were very high quality with crisp molding, fine details and they included copper rod, brass tube, spring coils, and photo-etched parts. They were one of the first multimedia kits produced. The series ended after a few years. In 1998, the series was reintroduced by Nitto and Kow under the new name Maschinen Krieger Zbv 3000.



Sdh 222F SandStalker 1/35

I love the look of the Sandstalker hover reconnaissance cars from the old SF3D magazine articles. There is no injection molded kit of the Sandstalkers in any scale. There have been a handful of garage resin kits but these are super hand to come across. I decided to scratch build mw own Sdh. 222F

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T-35 with F39 85mm

The T-35 was deemed obsolete by the time Germany invaded the Soviet Union in 1941. A handful participated in the first few weeks of combat but most broke down before ever reaching the front. There are number of excellent T-35 builds out there but I wanted to do something different. I chose to depict a veteran tank that went thru some upgrades to armor and main gun.

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KV-2 Leningrad 1943


The original image this model is based off is from a movie still taken in Leningrad February 1943. There are a number of interesting items about this KV-2. First is the turret numbers. As far as I know, this is the only photo of a Soviet KV-2 with any markings. It’s also a Soviet KV-2 with white wash - most white wash KV-2 photos are German BeutePanzers. Missing fender sections on KV-1 tanks are not uncommon but it is nice to see a photo documenting this on a KV-2. The additional appliqué armor plates are also common on KV-1 tanks but is unique on this KV-2. Put this all together and it’s an interesting subject for a build.

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Luna Gans

The Luna Gans is one of those weird yet cool looking designs from the SF3D days. Kow kit-bashed the original design together from the (at the time newly tooled) Nitto SF3D kits. The Luna Gans combines the legs, hull, and center section of the Krote with the head from the Neuspotter and the thrusters of the Fledermaus.

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KV-2 with 107mm ZIS-6

The KV-2 with 107mm ZIS-6 was a prototype test bed for a 107mm gun. It never entered production but I like the look of the beast so decided to model it as an in-service vehicle.

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Disclaimer: The purpose of this site is not to profit form the hard work Kow Yokoyama, Kunitaka Imai, Hiroshi Ichimura and others have spent on this series. Any photos or sketches of the original SF3D or MaK 3000 series included in this site are property of Kow Yokoyama and friends, and are for your reference only.