Prowler Series: 20
Super Armored Fighting Suit Recon Space Type Scale: 1/20

S.A.F.S.R.S. Prowler


Original rear box art text as follows, all typos are as original text.

The Fireball, the S.A.F.S. of the space type, developed from the S.A.F.S. for a ground battle, had made a pretty success. The Prowler developed as a scouting weapon in the Fireball operating had a powerful radar that scouting enemy fron angles of all degrees was possible in the rear of the body an optical seeker unit of which reflection was so clear, and the L.O.G. tank to extend a flying radius. Usually the Prowler was arranged at the rate of one to five Fireballs.

Kit Build:

As I predicted, the Prowler built just like the rest of the SAFS family of kits. The kit is starting to show its age though, as some of the parts don't align very well or fit with out some sanding to fix the problem. The Prowler, is built for the most part straight from the box with a few exceptions as follows.


I replaced the kit hands with white metal hands from Kotobukiya. They are Gundam-y looking, but with some minor mods, fit in pretty well, and look a lot better than the kit hands anyway. The left hand has several pins to keep things aligned when it is all said and done, and will be able to support the weight of the kit.

Engine Details:

Coil springs were added for hoses, and a few pieces of tube and other parts added some details to the otherwise sparse back.

Rocket Nozzles:

The insides were detailed with a nozzle from Kotobukiya and epoxy putty was used to blend in the difference and add some dimension to the bells. Sheet styrene was used to create the extra armor plates for the bells. I used a sample of per laminate as the template and used a pin vise to drill the holes in the plates.


The base depicts the Prowler passing by some misc. space debris on the Lunar surface. The debris is the old Neuspotter torso and what ever was left after the Gans conversion. I need to blend the tube into the ground work a little better on the next pass.


The kit was first primered with Gunze Mr Resin Primer. After all blemishes were worked out, a base coat of black was applied to the entire kit. Sand and Dark Green were used as the two camo colors. A clear top coat was applied for decals. Minimal markings were applied. I applied several different wash techniques to the gloss surface. First I used a thinned artist's oil wash of black and sienna. After that had dried for a few days, I dug out the old water colors and applied a wash of various colors, red, orange, green, blue, etc to various pats of the suit, some are very subtle and do not show up in the images too well. The surface was sealed with matt coat. The base colors were dry-brushed and a final dry-brush of tan was applied to the legs and lower torso. Rust chips of orange, brown, and black were applied with a small brush. Pastels were applied to dirty up the surface.