Reynard Series: BK22
S.A.F.S. MkIII Scale: 1/20

S.A.F.S. MkIII Reynard


The SAFS MKIII Reynard is the evolution of the SAFS MKI Raccoon. The Reynard carries an arm mounted laser so it is suited for armed reconnaissance roles. The engine does not have the same muffler system as the Raccoon. Little information is known about it.

Kit Build:

This is a simple conversion of the Nitto SAFS MkI kit. The engine is built from a block of Bondo that has been shaped around an existing kit engine. The faceted front is sculpted and sanded from epoxy putty. The thighs are modified with styrene and smoothed with putty. The laser arm, manipulator arm, and lower legs are from resin casts from the spares bin. The over the shoulder sensor is a modified Prowler part. The pilot is from the Wave Raptor kit.


The kit is painted entirely with Tamiya Acrylics. The colors had too much contrast when I first applied the colors, but weathering soon took care of that. I first applied a very light mist coat of the darker camo color to tone down the camo. A coat of Future was applied to seal everything and get ready for decals. After decals, I post shaded the model with Flat Brown diluted 9 to 1 with thinner. This was airbrushed to accent panels and edges and to warm up the colors of the camo. Rain streaks and grim were also built up this way. A wash of artist's oils was applied to bring out details. Light drybrushing was applied to accent details on the engine. Paint chips were kept to a minimum. Dirt and dust were built up with Mig Pigments. A custom blend of European Dust and Light Dust was applied dry for light dusting on the upper surfaces. For the feet, a paste of pigments was mixed with mineral spirits and dabbed onto the areas I wanted heavy build up. Further applications of dry pigments with mineral spirts to set it, achieved the built up dirt. Mig Black Smoke was mixed with mineral spirits and applied for fluid leaks around the power pipes.


The base is started with a PVC fitting. It was a little rough on its own, so I wrapped it with .03" styrene. I puttied and sanded the seam out for a well, seamless finish. It was painted black and masked off for the ground work. The goundwork was created with Celuclay with rocks from the yard. The grass was created with that piece of dyed rabbit fur that grossed me out before.