The MK44 Specter is an original design for a fast attack space based armored fighting suit. The inspiration for the Specter is from the Gundam 0083 Series Gerbera Tetra with the extended booster pack. It’s been an idea I’ve had for years and finally got around to building it. The build is based off a MK44 Ghost Knight which is an up-armored version of the MK44 White Knight.

The build of the suit was mostly out of the box except for modifying the rear armored sections to accept the booster unit. Originally, I was going to have this as a removable unit but decided an integrated solution looked better. The armored pods on either side are made from MK44 and Falke parts. The tail section is sheet styrene with an aircraft fuselage blended in with epoxy putty. Falke dive brakes, a Fledermaus rocket and a motorcycle frame round out the larger details. The main gun is extended using styrene tube and parts from the spares box. I added epoxy putty sculpted welds and various bits and pieces to add some flare.