Wave/3Q has just issued the third official release of the Melusine in 1/20 scale. This injection molded kit is a combination of the original Nitto Gustav kit and all new tooling for the Melusine torso and details. The majority of the parts are molded in Olive Drab styrene. Interestingly enough, you get a complete Gustav kit in the box, including the original torso and two heads (molded in tan styrene) and the smoked clear canopy parts, but building a Gustav is not addressed in the instructions. The Melusine parts are all new tooling and have the same fine level of detail as the Gustav. This means crisply molded simulated weld beads and "casting numbers" on the torso.

The pilot bust is amazing in this kit. It's just as good as the figure included in the stunning ModelKasten Second issue of the Melusine. In fact, the Wave/3Q parts look amazingly like the ModelKasten Melusine. Some areas have been smoothed out for injection molding, but I suspect the prior ModelKasten Mel was designed in 3D CAD for the master and this data has been repurposed for the Wave/3Q Melusine. Makes sense to me and the results are perfect.

This is a multimedia kit just like the old days with camo card, coated wire, brass mesh, brass wire, and steel springs for the power pipes. The instructions include a small correction or addendum for Step 1 with a note about the PE sleeve. I can't read Japanese and I don't use the kit joints, so it's not an issue for me but I'll post something about it if I can find out what they are referring to. The decals and camo card options are very cool. There are seven painting options and enough decals for several others. The decals are very well registered, but the film looks a tad thick.

Enough talking, take a look at the images.