Photo Etched detail parts for the Nitto Krachenvogel


Scale - 1/20
Type of material - Photo Etched
Number of parts - 1 Sheet and 2 turned Aluminum engine bells
Decals - N/A
Instructions - Included
Overall quality - Crisp, Clean details.
Overall accuracy - Looks good but can't comment of fit yet
Date of release - July 2009
Release price - 3500yen
Manufacturer - Three Sheeps Design and Arpeggio

This is the second set released by Three Sheeps Design at the recent 2009 Summer WF. It includes a PE sheet paired with turned aluminum to provide a good overhaul for the vintage Nitto kit.

This set is specific to the Krachenvogel though some pieces can be used for the Neuspotter. Where was this set 5 months ago when I was building my one any only Krachenvogel?

Included are:
Replacement solar panel - Multi piece assembly to replace the heavy brass piece included in the Nitto kit
Replacement Radar
Details for the both the Nitto engine bells and the Arpeggio engine bells including maintenance covers and those cute little propellers.
Two piece replacement IR frame for the Raccoon/Prowler type nose sensor with template to cut your own clear film
Wire bending templates
Details for the AG pods
Miscellaneous head and body details.
Scribe templates

The details are crisp and flawless. Since this is an in bag review, I can't comment on fit. There are a lot of pieces on this set, highly recommended.