Photo Etched Detail set for the Kauz, Fliege, and Snake Eye


Scale - 1/20
Type of material - Photo Etched
Number of parts - 1 Sheet for multiple designs
Decals - N/A
Instructions - Included
Overall quality - Crisp, Clean details.
Overall accuracy - Looks good but can't comment of fit yet
Date of release - July 2009
Release price - 2000yen
Manufacturer - Three Sheeps Design

I'm not sure where to begin, just look at the photos.


Set includes one sheet of photoetch and instructions for assembly and placement. The PE sheet covers multiple MaK designs. Kauz, Fliege, Wave SnakeEye, Nitto Fireball and Prowler and SAFS family, Wave Raptor, and Nitto Krote.

Included are:
New Kauz and Fliege foot tread
Hinge and latch details for Kauz and Fliege
Details for the both Wave SnakeEye and Nitto Fireball engine bells including maintenance covers.
Two piece replacement IR frame for the Raccoon/Prowler type nose sensor with template to cut your own clear film
Raptor "fuel cap" replacement parts
Snake Eye torso latch replacement parts
Replacement Krote radiator grill and new radar
Nitto SAFS family bottom exhaust  plate - to eliminate the seam
Scribe and trim Templates

The details are crisp and flawless. Since this is an in bag review, I can't comment on fit. There are a lot of pieces on this set, highly recommended.