Scale - 1/20
Type of material - injection molded, resin, polycaps
Number of parts - A complete WhiteKnight plus 21 resin parts
Decals - No
Instructions - Yes.
Overall quality - It looks like a professional kit
Overall accuracy - Kit maker's original design
Date of release - October 2017
Manufacturer - LoveLove Garden
Release price - 16,500 yen

The MK44G Queens B design is basically a land version of the MK44H BlackKnight. Instead of the high-heel "space feet" it has double-decker hover feet that are larger than the normal Mk44 hover-pad feet. It also has a mini-gun and extra rear pod unique to the Queens B.

The kit plastic and resin are both molded in light blue which make it feel less like a garage kit and more like a full production kit. The parts are expertly cast with only a small casting nubs that need to be cleaned off. I could see no pin holes nor flash and only the faintest mold seam line was visible on a few of the parts.

The instructions are printed to the same quality as the Hasegawa Mk44 kits with a few steps added for the unique parts. The instructions are not unique to the Queens B kit but are 3-n-1 and cover the BlackKnight/BloodyKnight/BlackKnight Plus so there are some extra steps to ignore. There are no extra parts for the other two so this isn't a 3-n-1 kit.

I built the LLG BlackKnight a couple of years ago. There were no major fit issues I recall the the kit went together pretty quickly so I expect the same ease of assembly here. I contacted LLG/Takaaki Saito, he said this is an original design of his and not based on a Kow design.

I'd like to thank my wallet for this opportunity to review the Queens B.