Scale - 1/35
Manufacturer - D3 Works
Type of material - Resin
Number of parts - 13
Decals - No
Instructions - No
Overall quality - Very good
Overall accuracy - Looks like a Gustav. Quality a little better than the YS 1/35 "toys"
Date of release - 2008
Release price - 3000yen

With the planned release of the 1/35 Nutrocker later this year, I needed a 1/35 suit for company. The wonderfully cast resin kit was available at the one day event WonderFestival in Japan. One of the MaK forum members goes almost every year and acts as a shopper, otherwise I would never be able to acquire any of these wonderful items.

The kit comprises 13 pieces casted in off white resin. The parts have some very minor flash, the parting lines are well aligned and so far I haven’t seen any bubbles even on the thinnest pieces.