The Siren is one of those instant classics. It first appeared in Kow's Maschinen Krieger Modeling Manual as an all new scratch build. In 2017 Dane Futcher released a resin garage kit. This is the largest kit I have ever built.

Almost as soon as I received the kit, I started work on it. The build was actually pretty straightforward considering its size. Futch has done an amazing job with parts breakdown for ease of assembly. The camouflage scheme was based off schemes for the Me262 combat jet. The colors are a custom mix and represent late WWII Luftwaffen colors. The sheer size of the model made weathering quit challenging not just physically but mentally. I'm use to working on smaller models that are viewed closer so the details need to be a fine as possible. With the Sirene, I had to loosen up a little and exaggerate some of the effects. I'm not entirely sure if I was successful overall but there are some nice details scattered throughout the model.




Futch Factor Siren

To make things more challenging, I added lights to the turret for the "eyes" and added the Robosweep floor sweeper mechanism. The thing will sit static on the shelf for 99.99% of the time, but I've had the Robosweep for about 5 years and it was time to finally use it.

The kit was cast in a light grey resin that was easy to work with. There were a few minor pin holes to clean up but nothing out of the ordinary for parts this size. The rear "engine pods" had a slight warp on the bottom edge but a quick dip in boiling water and I was able to straighten them out.

The model is ready for primer and I have no idea at the moment how to paint it.