The Sphinx is a Shutoral self propelled rocket artillery hover vehicle. It mounts sixteen 19cm rockets. This is my build of the Rainbow Egg resin kit. The casting are very nicely done. There is a reltavly low parts count for a model this large. The two pontoons are hollow cast as one piece. The center section and turret are two pieces each with some additional details added.



In progress images.



The most challenging part of the build was replacing the kit supplied rocket pods. The kit tubes were a little warped with a seam line that needed cleaning up on both sides. I replaced the kit parts with styrene tube and the 1/35 Matilda road wheels Kow used on the original.


The model has been sanded smooth with 800 grit and primed with Mr Surfacer 1500.


Initial Paint. Boom!!




Initial Weathering with oils.