This is a quick build of the Wave Pak Krote. I built a long barreled version many years ago so decided to build the stubby one this time.



In Progress Images


The build is mostly OOB with some minor additional details. Surfaces were textured with Liquid Cement, Mr Surfacer 500, or Tamiya putty thinned with liquid cement. I used different mediums to obtain different textures.



The model was primered first with Tamiya Fine Grey Primer to check for areas that needed cleaning up. It was them based coated with Tamiya Brown from a spray can. The blue paint is Vallejo Model Color mixed with a glaze medium so multiple transparent layers of slightly different shades of paint can be applied to create so variations with the surface finish . I find the lacquer fumes too strong for hand painting with Gunze or Tamiyas so this is an alternative.



Decals have been applied



Filters and washes



Further washes and first dusting.