This is the Wave oskar with the Hexamodel engine detail set added.

The Wave Osker is a straightforward build but once I saw the Hexamodel Oskar Detail Set available for it, I just had to have it. The additional details required the rear hull to be cut so some minor surgery was involved. I also added some additional details to help spruce things up a bit.

The mechanic figure was painted with an airbrush and the small details and fae painted with a brush. It's a quick way to paint a figure.



The following is the build diary for the Oskar.



The Hexamodel Oskar Detail Set has been fitted. The hinge brackets are held with blue tack for now. The interior will need to be painted prior to assembly.


The base colors were airbrushed in.



Lots of weathering with oils, enamels and pigments.


So much masking. All colors are custom mix Tamiya Acrylics.



And now the exterior weathering. The dusty effect was created by airbrushing Humbrol Enamels and working at them with thinner. The rest is oil, enamels, and pigments. Still a little more to do.