This is a build up of the Rainbow Egg 1/20 Neuspinne. The model is a limited release garage kit comprised of black cast resin pieces and injection molded parts from the Neuspotter for the head.



Assembly of the parts was straightforward. I chose to replace the molded AG tanks with ones from a Neuspotter as it was easier to deal with that wicked seam in plastic than resin. The brass rod, steel wire, and coil springs are not included in the kit. Fortunately K&S brass has metric sizes.  Inch sizes were either too small or too large for the features that are provided. All the receiving holes for the brass were drilled out to a consistent depth and I used fixtures and templates to make sure the leg sections were glued up to a consistent length and flatness. All the flexible tubing has been cut to length but will wait until painting to install. Right now most of the joints are loose so the thing is a floppy mess.



The model is hand painted with Tamiya and Gunze Acrylics thinned with Mr. Color Leveling Thinner.