The Luna Gans is one of those weird yet cool looking designs from the SF3D days. Kow kit-bashed the original design together from the (at the time newly tooled) Nitto SF3D kits. The Luna Gans combines the legs, hull, and center section of the Krote with the head from the Neuspotter and the thrusters of the Fledermaus.

In 2000, ModelKasten released a kit of the design using parts from the Krote, Neuspotter and unique parts cast in resin. In 2013 Wave released an all plastic kit of the Luna Gans substituting a newly tooled mold for the unique parts.  

This build is the 2013 release of the Luna Gans. Mid 2021 will see the rerelease of this kit for the first time in eight years. The kit is a pretty straightforward build and the original molds from the 80s for the Krote and Neuspotter are still going strong. I built the kit basically out of the box because it’s a great build OOB and doesn’t need anything extra. The only minor change was using some MV lenses instead of the clear bits.


The model was airbrushed with very thin Tamiya Flat White over a black base. Small squiggly lines were airbrushed to add some visual texture to a plain white scheme. Light chipping and scuff marks were achieved with fine sand paper.  The model was weathered with enamels, oil paints and dry pigments. Care was taken to achieve an in-use look on a lunar surface.