The XK-427 Firefly is a lesser known SF3D creation. It was designed by the SDR as a test bed for improved antigravity technology. Earlier generations of Strahl AG technology proved to be harmful to humans which is why only unmanned equipment like the Neuspotter or Krachenvogal has AG as a means of propulsion. The main fuselage was based upon a heavily modified KH503 fan lift aircraft.

Four spherical antigravity pods were located in protective housings which were placed on each corner of the craft for a total of 4 AG pods. No additional means of propulsion is indicated or shown. It had a crew of two and carried a single 128mm cannon as the main armament. On its maiden voyage, the Firefly crashed in Mercenary Army territory. The Mercenary scientists were able to duplicate the technology which was later used to power the Falke Anti-Gravity Raider.




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