The Venusuit was offered as a limited run resin kit several years ago. I wasn't able to acquire the kit at the time of release. With no sign of a rerelease, I decided to scratch build my own.

The scratch build uses two Gunze Dorvack PA-36N and a sprinkling of parts from a few other donor kits. I had the two PA-36 kits and most of the detail bits. I substituted something close enough where I didn't have the correct donor kit. It's not an exact copy but close enough for me.


The model went through a couple of round of paint before I settled on the light blue. The chipping is done with the hairspray technique. Weathering is done with numerous applications of oils and enamels.

The base is created with pieces of mine tailings found while camping in the woods years ago. I glued the rusty bits to a pink Styrofoam base and did very little to alter them. The colors and metallic sheen are natural. I blended the rust effects up the suit to give the effect this suit has been trudging through a barren harsh environment for a while.



A few photos of the construction. The red and blue are the Dorvack kits, the yellow is milliput epoxy putty. It turned out I was 3-4mm off on the front to back depth of the suit. But that's OK, it capture the look close enough.