This is a model of the PAM-74C with F-12 Cupid vernier pack built back in 89-90. It took me a while to determine the age of this, but I recall the knee decal came from the Dragon T-80 kit I bought when it just came out in 1989.

I was probably influenced by the ads in the Fine Scale Modeler. I found this model in a box of kits I purged a while back and decided to keep it partly for nostalgia and partly because I wanted to refinish it at some point. It has some visible damage and repairs but has held up remarkably well. There is no need to refinish this one now as I have a new-old stock kit in the box. 

At the time of this build I was heavily influenced by Sheperd Paine’s How to Build Dioramas, so weathering consisted of drybrushing , ground pastels and a wash was made with oil paints that were probably thinned with hardware store grade paint thinner.

This is no longer stuffed in a box in the garage but resides in my display cabinet next to my most recent builds.