The JTNCA Walker is an original design from the series Junk Tank Rock. JTR is an obscure series of garage resin kits and were only available from the one day event in Japan called Wonder Festival. This is a very limited run garage kit from the 2008-09 time frame.

Maybe less than 100 were ever kitted. The designs only exist as kits; there was never an anime or manga but the line has had influence far beyond its limited run. I acquired this kit as part of SkinnyBob/Daniel Graham Martin's estate of kits that were sold off by a family friend after he passed away in March 2018. I hope he enjoys my interpretation.

The basic kit was super simple. Only 13 parts not including the pilot which I didn't use. The top hatch was molded solid on the kit so I ground out the resin and added a matching hatch from the spares bin.

The model was painted with Tamiya acrylics and the chipping was created with the hairspray technique. The model was weathered with oils, enamels, and pigments. The figure is from Evolution Minatures and was painted with Vallejo acrylics. The simple base is a piece of foam with styrene sides. the groundwork is sculpt-a-mold painted with Tamiya, colored with pigments and decorated with tufts of scale model grass.