The Amise F330 Frigo is a civilian delivery robot designedand released as a limited run resin kit by Walter Pezzali. More of Walter's designs can be found on his web site - Futuristic Model Kit





There are not a lot of pieces so the basic kit goes together fairly easily. As I understand it, Walter contracted with the same casting company that handles the Dust resin kits, so the quality of the parts is very good. The mold seams needed some minor cleanup on a few of the parts and there were only a couple tiny pin holes in the whole thing. I made more work for myself by adding polycaps and replacing some of the molded in pins to ease assembly after painting. Not all the parts are attached yet. The kit includes a small fret of PE which will be added after basic cleanup is complete.




Painting has started on the Frigo. The base yellow is a custom mix of Gunze Interior Green with Tamiya Buff, White, and a tad bit Medium Blue. The white is Tamiya Flat White. I airbrushed these colors over a pre-shade of Tamiya Black. In fact, the last of my Tamiya Black. The great Tamiya Blockade has really cut into my supplies as all local hobby shops are running out of Tamiya.

The chrome bits are Bare Metal Foil Chrome. I haven't used this stuff in quite a while and my sheet is old and tends to crack. I used what I could and will pick up more later. No real hurry though as painting has pretty much come to a halt for now.



The rest of the base colors have been laid out. Still haven't had time to get more BMF Chrome nor Alclad Chrome.



I finally found my inspiration for the finish. It has been nagging at me for months how I was going to finish the model. A Class A finish is too boring and a rusted hulk is over done lately IMO. I wanted to show something with some normal wear and tear for a vehicle that was about 20-30 years old and still being used.

This is the inspiration I found while aout at lunch one day.


This is the result.