This is a scratch build of the 251 SandStalker. It’s an original model based on Kow’s initial SandStalker designs. I’ve been wanting to build this concept for the past eight years but never got around it until now.


The build


The base kit is one of Dragon’s Sd. Kfz. 251 ausf C kits. I picked it up for $5 at a local swap meet. The construction style is similar to Kow’s original technique he used on the 222 and 232 SandStalkers. I used strips of styrene to define the basic hull shape and filled the gaps with putty. Kow used a lot of two part automotive putty back in the day but I opted for epoxy putty. The end result is the same though.


One “disaster” I had during construction was using aluminum foil to bulk out the underside. When I wet sanded the hull, water became trapped in the foil. It was constantly weeping out through small cracks so I had to perform some major surgery on the nose to dig out the foil. It only took a couple of hours to correct so I guess it’s not the end of the world.


After the major construction was complete, the rest was detail work. I had an old set of Eduard PE for an Ausf D. It was close enough for what I was doing. So detail bits are left off to make painting easier. Some of the bits match the original 232M SandStalker but I also substituted close enough in some cases.


Initial paint and stowage.