This model was inspired by the SF3D Banana Boat SAFS delivery Unit for Operation Peel Banana. This was the Mercenary Army's attempt to take control of the SDR satellite network. The Catapult is a single unit delivery system for special operations.

Kit Build:

The Catapult is based on an aborted satellite build for a Fliege diorama. The satellite sat around in parts in a box for a couple of years until some larger parts started to gel and I was able to rescue the model from the junk pile. A multitude of donor kits went into the build, I stopped counting after 20. The main body is the end of an old hair drier and the engine base is the all too familiar Yakult bottle. This scratch build is unique for me because I didn't use any epoxy putty or Bondo in the build. Parts were just glued on and more parts were glued on top of that.

Forum discussion and additional photos.


All paints are Tamiya Acrylics airbrushed unless otherwise noted. Painting began with a pre shade of Black to accent panel lines. The base colors are Medium Gray, Sky Gray, Dark Gray and White with a custom mix of blue for the ID bands. The engine was painted Semi Gloss Black.


The decals are from various sources. I was on a "real space" kick while building this so I didn't apply any hero markings to the model. I wanted this to look like the workhorse that delivers the hero. I went heavy on the stencils and kept markings to a minimum and skipped any nose art.

The real fun was in the weathering. After decals, I used a top coat of Gunze Matt from a rattle can to seal the model. This stuff is very flat, almost too flat. I totally understand the tendency for a Satin finish before weathering now. Flat is just too flat. Especially space stuff. BTW, there is not a paint chip to be found. Weathering suggests use but not abuse.

I applied multiple layers of filters, some home brewed with oil paints and Turpenoid, and some from the MIG Productions line of SIN Filters. These were used to accent panels and add some variety to the surface. The engine is Testors MM Enamel Chrome airbrushed over a black base. I then masked and applied Tamiya Clear Smoke, Blue and Orange to accent panels and create a heat tarnished finish. This was then rubbed with MIG Gun Metal, SNJ Powered Aluminum, and MIG Metallic Silver.


The display is a acrylic hemisphere for Christmas decorations filled with Durham's Water Putty for weight. I drilled a hole and glued in a brass rod to support the model. The base was given a textured coat of Krylon SemiGloss Black from a spray can. If you press lightly on the nozzle, the paint will create fine splatters that build up to a nice orange peal texture. This looks a little more interesting than an even smooth finish.