I built it as a way to honor Francesco Benedettini and all he has done to inspire me over the many years he has been building MaK. I "borrowed" many of his unique details and tried to come up with something that looked like his style without copying it. I also wanted this build to incorporate many iconic MaK details.

I included a Nightstalker type helmet camera and used Plafreak's very limited (and maybe never actually released) Rally Pawn conversion for the helmet extension. Base kit is a Polar Bear with a lot of putty and kit-bash parts added. Misc. parts were scrounged from the spares bin including some of Francesco's go-to kits i.e. PzIV road wheel stoppers, Zaku armored hose covers, and quite a few Wave Option parts. Some of the changes are subtle and hard to notice in these photos unless you really know your kits.

The AFS F(B) also has a generic/universal - Any Future War Powered Armor- look to it which was also a goal with the uniform green color and yellow markings. The Grobberhund head is the extra from the Rainbow Egg resin kit. I raided the spares box to build up a close enough neck and upper torso section.

The AFS was hand painted with Vallejo. The GH head was airbrushed with Tamiya and utilized the HS technique. Groundwork is acrylic gel mixed with finely ground dirt and topped with more finely ground dirt. It was tinted with oil washes and dry pigments but not painted. Both the AFS and GH suit were weathered with oils and pigments.


Francesco's Gallery can be found here PatoPazzo. I encourage you to visit. Hopefully he will add more of his historical builds as time permits.




Here are the few in progress images I took of the build and paint.




Groundwork and GH