The ZIK-20 was a drawing board design to mount a 152mm gun onto the KV-1 hull. A wooden mockup was fabricated but the project was cancelled. This is a scratch build conversion based on available drawings.

I still have a thing for these Soviet SPGs, especially the ones on the KV hull. This is a scratch built conversion using sheet styrene and custom designed 3D printed parts for the mantle, gun shield and barrel. The model was detailed with Eduard PE set for the exhaust, intake screens and a few minor details. The Royal Model KV-1 fender set was used but this set was incomplete and I had to scratch the missing "L" channel from Albion Alloys brass. The tracks are MasterClub. The figure is from MiniArt. I had to carve new ears into the head sculpt with an x-acto blade.

The model was painted with Tamiya Acrylics. Montex Masks were used for the stencils. The white wash was created with the hairspray technique. Model is weathered with oils, enamels and dry pigments.




Images of the build.


First the CAD and reference images.


The 3D Printed Parts. Printed on a Form2 printer.


Structure Built. The main box is sheet styrene. Welds are miliput epoxy putty.


Pimped out. Grab rails from soldered brass rod. Aber tow shackles.


Base Coat. Painted with AK Real Paints 4B0


White Wash. Used the hairspray technique.