The T34 Heavy Tank was a further development of the T29 and T30 Heavy Tank program which began as a project to address the German heavy tank destroyers like the Jagdtiger and Tiger II.The initial programs began in 1945 but the T34 was not delivered until 1947. The pilot models were deemed too heavy and the project was cancelled.

This is a build of the Takom T30/T34 kit released in 2017. I started the build in 2021 but NightShift was posting his on YT at the time and there was no reason for me to continue. It sat for about two years with the OD scheme applied and I had plans for a complex three tone scheme for use in Korea but I just kept pushing it to the back of the queue. I finally decided to finish the model but went with the basic OD base color. The stars are sprayed thru some old vinyl masks. The small markings are decals from the Tamiya Pershing kit. 

It is weathered with oil paints, enamels, and pigments. 

The figure is from Alpine and painted with Vallejo Acrylics more or less like the box art. 



The model is detailed with the excellent Voyager PE set which replaces several of the smaller molded in details like tool clasps, hatch springs, brackets, and offers finer replacements for the headlight guards. I also added missing smaller weld beads, thinned the fenders and damaged sections of the side mud shields.The link and length tracks were a chore to cleanup and assemble. I eventually glued the tracks and wheels together as one subassembly to make final fitting easier.  I cut off a few of the track extenders. The kit bow machine gun was replaced with a turned brass barrel.

A good coat of Mr. Surfacer 1000 Grey primer unifies everything. I planned to use the kit’s 50cal but it lacked too many details and I decided to omit it. 

The model is airbrushed with AK Real Color Faded OD and gradually lightened with Tamiya Buff, Deck Tan and White.