The T-70 was a two-man light infantry support tank. The one man turret made things very difficult for the tank commander requiring him to fulfill commander, loader, gunner and targeting duties. It was produced from March 1942 until October 1943 with over 8000 vehicles completed.

This is a bit of a backwards build. I had the photoetch before I ever had the kit. The Aber PE set was purchased for the tool boxes to use on the SU-76i build from a couple of years ago. I acquired the T-70 at a swap meet for 10 dollars last year just so I could use up the wonderful Aber set. The T-70 is from MiniArt and is one of their earlier releases. The plastic is a little soft and so are the details. There was a little flash and reveal lines to clean up. Basic construction was very straightforward and most of the time was spent modifying the kit to fit the PE. The road wheel arms had a lot of play so I spent a bit of time getting them all to align. The tiny tracks required lots of clean up as each link had two tiny ejector pin marks.

Since the two stowage boxes were missing from the PE set and I was getting tired of painting all my recent models green, I chose to finish this as a Beute Panzer. Fortunately I later found a reference photo of a Beute T-70 missing the stowage boxes so I could back-up my decision.

This was a pretty quick build, even will the added PE. The model was painted with Tamiya Acrylics and the HS technique was used for the worn Dark Yellow camo squiggles. The model was weathered with oil paints, enamels, and pigments.



A few images of the build.