This was a quick build of the Hobby Boss T-40 Amphibious Tank.



The T-40 Amphibious Tank was a two man light tank used by the Soviet Union during WW2. It mounted a single 12.7mm DshK machine gun. The T-40 was replaced with the T-60 which was cheaper, better armed, and easier to manufacturer.

The model was built mostly OOB. I wanted something small and quick to build and finish since it had been a long time since I painted anything. I replaced a few rivets where the kit detail was wrong, or lost in cleanup. I used the Voyager PE set primarily to replace the kit fenders which were too thick for this scale but used a few other bits here and there.

The model is painted to match photos posted on showing winter camouflage evaluations on various Soviet tanks. The base coat was Tamiya Olive Green mixed with Deck Tan and White to lighten. The white camouflage pattern was hand painted with Vallejo Model Color. The reference photos show the headlights painted over which is a bonus since the kit lights are molded opaque green plastic. The white wash was chipped using Windex and a small soft brush.

The model was weathered with oil paints, enamels and pigments. I tried to keep the effects more subtle on this build.



Protos prior to paint