This is my build of the T-34/76 from the Ural Tank Factory No. 183. The base kit is the AFV Club clear kit with full interior.


I made a number of improvements to correct some of the kit errors.

Used Panzer Art and Dragon road wheels with correct pattern wheels
Replaced box fuel tanks with ones from Panzer Art
MasterClub white metal tracks replaced the kit rubber band tracks
Replaced kit air exhaust mesh with Alliance Model Works set for the T-34
Replaced all tie downs with copper wire
Replace grab railings with styrene strip and rod
Replaced kit bow MG with Adlers Nest turned brass barrel
Used ice cleats and tie downs from spares from a Dragon kit
Used Eureka tow cable wire
The rest of the kit is OOB with the exception of some weld beads


The model was painted with Tamiya Acrylics and weathered with oil paint, enamels and pigments.