This is my build of the Dragon T-34/76 Factory 112 with Commander's Copula. This was a very interesting and challenging project as I am not as familiar with the T-34 as I am with StuGs and PzIIIs.


I  used numerous aftermarket items to spruce up the basic kit.

Voyager Fenders

MasterClub Tracks

Eureka XXl Tow Cable

Aber Barrel and Rear Vent PE

New Glacis Plate from Stephen Reid

Stowage is a mixture of MiniArt ammo boxes and parts from the spares. The wonderfully sculpted tarps on the side are from Value Gear.

The grab handles are formed wire. The light is an MV Lens.

The model was painted with Tamiya Avrylics, weathered with Humbrol Enamels, oils, and pigments. This was my first time creating the dust with Humbrol.