This T-34 is built to depict the unique winter whitewash scheme used by the 1st Tanks Guards near Moscow in 1942. The grid pattern was used to reduce the contrast between the white and base green. At distances the effect was blurred and made the pattern look like vegetation.



Additional information on the camouflage pattern can be found on Tank Archives -

For this build I used the Dragon 6205 T-34/76 1941. It’s an older now kit but still builds up to a decent representation. I used a few aftermarket items but didn’t go crazy. I used the Alliance Model Works T-34 Grill Set – Early (I found out the details are incorrect after I installed), BitsKrieg resin fuel tanks, turned aluminum barrel, and resin lights and jacks from TMD. The tracks are the kit tracks.


The base color is a mottled 4B0.


I applied a couple of layer of hairspray then masked the green off with blue tack. The solid white is airbrushed Tamiya Flat White. Next the mask was peeled off and distressed with water and a soft brush. The diamond pattern was hand painted with AK Washable White and distressed the same way. A few cool grey filters were applied to tone down the contrast. Various applications of thinned white enamel, white acrylic and washable white were used to add some variety to the solid white areas. I then applied a few dark brown and dark green oil paint washes to accent the details.


The snow is a mixture of marble powder, micro balloons, Woodland Scenic’s Snow and gloss acrylic medium. This was applied with an old brush and blended in with water. The marble powder helps with opacity but tends to make the snow matt. I went over the snow patches with gloss clear acrylic.

I’ve wanted to paint this scheme for years and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.