A build of the Hobby Boss T-28 Riveted Hull. The finish represents T-28s the Soviets used in Finland in the winter of 1939-40 near the Mannerheim Line.


The model is painted with Tamiya acrylics for the 4BO base color. The worn whitewash was created with the hairspray technique. Additional whitewash effects were added with AK Washable White acrylic paint. Weathering started with a blue-grey filter which was followed by a dark grey-green-brown wash. Chipping was kept to a minimum with just a quick drybrush of dark brown. Weathering was mostly done with AK weathering pencils – my first time trying them. A few speckles with Ammo Starship Filth were added for some interest. The snow is my custom mix of Woodland Scenic Snow, Marble Powder and Micro Balloons. I tried to keep the effects to a minimum based on the ref photos.


The kit is built mostly out of the box. I added a few bits of stowage. The tracks were glued in place and the running gear was airbrushed black prior to installing fenders. The kit included extras so I was able to replicate a T-28 from ref photos.