This is a build of the Dragon #6633 July 1944 StuG backdated with some parts from the spares bin to represent a vehicle operating in the Ukraine Jan-Feb 1944.


The inspiration for the build comes from this photo found on an ebay auction. It belongs to DEMO. Thanks man!


The kit was built with a lot of aftermarket items and a few scratch built things as well.

The model was painted dark yellow with a three town mottled camo. On top of this I applied two light coats of hairspray from a can and airbrushed mottled white for the worn white wash appearance. The white was rubbed off with a damp brush. The other items were painted by hand with Vallejo acrylics.

The weathering includes washes, filters, and oil paints. The mud was built up with pigments, fine sifted dirt, enamel paint, plaster, chopped grass fibers, plant root litter, etc.

I had planned on adding a couple of figures from the beginning but it took me a while to find figures that I liked. I  performed an arm swap with some Dragon plastic arms.

The figures were painted with Vallejo Model Color