Yet somehow it works. 


This project started out in 2020 as an attempt to build a PzIII Ausf N which was a conversion from a Dragon PzIII Ausf M. The project kinda died when I used some of the parts for a KV-5 Beutepanzer conversion. I sourced some replacement sprues from EBay and started on the Ausf N again. I used an ET Models PE set for the schurzen but I messed up the turret schurzen and shelved it for a while. I then figured "why not" and added a Panzer Art T-34 hard edge turret. The theory is this is a post Kursk field mod of an Ausf M since the 50mm gun was no longer effective on the battle field. To improve ground pressure for the extra weight, I trimmed a set of Dragon MagicTracks WinterKetten to clear the schurzen. 

I finished the model with Tamiya acrylics, enamels, oils paints and pigments. The figure is from a small garage kit company, I can't recall the name, that required a lot of effort to fill pin holes in unfortunate areas.


It's still in progress as I need to paint the tracks and finish weathering.


here are a few images when it was an Ausf N.