The OT-130 is a flamethrower tank based on the T-26 tank chassis. It was developed by the Soviets in 1938 and produced until 1940. The flamethrower range was 50 meters and had 40 shots worth of fuel and propellant.

The kit is Hobby Boss 82498 released in 2014. The detail is very good and includes a small fret of photoetch. The running gear is very fussy to assemble and the tracks… ugh, don’t get me started. Teeny Tiny tracks need to be trimmed from the sprue and assembled with teeny-tiny pins trimmed from the sprue. The tracks are supposed to be workable when assembled but forget that! These things drove me nuts and it took several months on and off to finally finish the things.
Model is painted with Tamiya acrylics and weathered with oils, enamels and pigments. The fuel spills on the front hull are made of numerous layers of clear gloss mixed with black and burnt umber.



Kit build images.