This is my build of the MiniArt M3 Lee Late. It's built mostly straight from the box.

The only changes I made were adding a few minor welds and casting marks. There are several photos of Lend Lease M3 Lees with grousers fitted to the tracks. As far as I am aware, there are no kit or aftermarket T41 grousers so I designed a part in 3D CAD and had them printed.

After I had the model mostly assembled I found reference photos of a Land Lease Lee marked 203 with a unique scruffy white wash finish. There are numerous differences so I marked this tank as 201. The model is painted with AK Real Colors Olive Drab as the base coat. I used the hairspray technique to add a distressed layer to the OD paint. This was sealed, decals added and the worn white wash was added with the HS technique. The model was weathered with oils, enamels and pigments.




A few in progress images were taken. The build was pretty straightforward but the wheel assemblies were fussy and the tracks were super tedious.



I used the Black and White technique for the undercoat



Photos of the grousers and white wash paint.