This is one of those odd Russian tank designs that just caught my eye and needed to be built.

In 1942 there were several proposals to mount a heavy howitzer on a tank chassis to deal with heavy concrete defensive fortifications. One of the proposals was to mount a 203mm B4 howitzer on the chassis of the KV-1 tank. The project didn't make it past drawing phase and was rejected for obvious reasons.


There isn't a 1/35 scale kit of this oddball so I designed most of the unique parts in 3D CAD and had a few of the more complex ones 3D printed for the gun mantle and mount. Panzer Concepts contract printed the parts on their Hi-Res From 2 printer. The supports are pretty small at the contact point and cleanup wasn't that bad. Fortunately some of the parts have a cast texture so I didn't need to worry about build lines too much.


3D Printed Parts


I made 2D drawings for the flat parts and used these to cut styrene sheet stock. Bolts were added from MasterClub resin bolts. Fortunately RB Models has a turned aluminum and brass barrel for the Trumpeter 203mm B4 howitzer kit so I was able to use that here.



The model is ready for primer. It's been detailed with Fruil tracks. Value Gear resin accessories and a MiniArt Figure.



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