The design request for a flamethrower version of the KV-1 was established in 1941. The KV-6 designation may or may not have been adopted because it doesn’t show up outside the initial request documents. The driver operated the  flamethrower which was protected by a fixed armored box. The mount only allowed elevation, traverse was controlled by steering the tank. Only four were built.


The basic kit is the Trumpter KV-1 Small Turret. I replaced all the welds with Green Stuff, added a ET Models PE fender set, ProTracks 3D printed tracks, Royal Model intake screens, Aber MG barrels, RB Models main gun, and Zitader Designs KV-6 resin add on.


The model was painted in a three tone camo using custom mixes of Tamiya Acrylics. I wanted a lighter, brighter finish than the prescribed camouflage colors. The model was weathered with oil paints, enamels and pigments. Lots of speckling effects were used for chipping, rust, grease, and mud effects. It also has the added bonus of knocking back the contract in the paint.

A few images of the build.