The KV-5 (Object 2250 was a design conecpt started in mid 1941 but cacelled due to the Siege of Leningrad. The tank was to mount the 107mm Zis-6 and was to weigh around 100tons.

This build used the Takom KV-5 released in 2014, It was one of their first kits and while not as refined as newer offerings, it still builds into a nice representation of this unique armored vehicle.


Build Notes:

Replaced kit track with Fruil KV tracks. I had to buy two sets to get enough links

Used the Voyager PE set to add a few small details

Replaced plastic grab handles with wire

Replaced all weld beads

Added hit marks with a Dremel and epoxy putty

Textured surfaces with Tamiya Grey Putty thinned with liquid cement

Added box fuel tanks from PanzerArt

Moskit stencils were used to airbrush turret markings. Top star is hand cut stencil.



Here are a few in-progress images.