The KV-2 with 107mm ZIS-6 was a prototype test bed for a 107mm gun. It never entered production but I like the look of the beast so decided to model it as an in-service vehicle.

The base kit is the Trumpeter KV-2. There is no aftermarket conversion for this variant so I had to design my own conversion parts in 3D CAD. Fortunately Aber had just released a 107mm barrel to use with the KV-5 kit and that release was the spark that got me to finally build this conversion. The rest of the model was detailed with Eduard, ET Models and Voyager photo etch. The tracks are recycled from my Takom KV-5 build. I removed the unused track length and soaked the runs in rubbing alcohol to strip off the old paint and effects.

The model was painted with Tamiya acrylics with a custom mix 4BO. It is weathered with enamels, oils, and pigments. The figure is an Alpine head on a Tamiya torso. I made a special bracket to hold him in place.




Progress images:



Initial CAD design. I added a couple of production features not seen on the prototype.


3D Printed parts. Priinted on a Form 2. (not mine)


Initial construction


Fenders and details added.


Base Color 4BO applied.


Markings and some initial filters and washes.