The original image this model is based off is from a movie still taken in Leningrad February 1943. There are a number of interesting items about this KV-2. First is the turret numbers. As far as I know, this is the only photo of a Soviet KV-2 with any markings. It’s also a Soviet KV-2 with white wash - most white wash KV-2 photos are German BeutePanzers. Missing fender sections on KV-1 tanks are not uncommon but it is nice to see a photo documenting this on a KV-2. The additional appliqué armor plates are also common on KV-1 tanks but is unique on this KV-2. Put this all together and it’s an interesting subject for a build.


The model is the 1/35 Trumpeter KV-2. The kit is beginning to show its age but is still the most accurate one in 1/35. The model was a straightforward build. I only added a turned aluminum barrel some photo etch screens, and some spare PE for the stowage bin cover and hatch interior. I dud replace most of the kit welds with epoxy putty, stretched sprue or Archer Fine Transfers.

The model was given a mottled coat of 4BO in preparation for the white wash. I used AK Washable White for the white wash effect. I thinned the paint a little and applied with a brush. I then scrubbed at the paint with a damp brush to wear the paint down. It took numerous layers, five to seven in some spots) to achieve the opacity I was after. There is only one view available of 528 so I used some Liberties with the white wash application and only applied it to the vertical side and front surfaces.  I used various applications of enamel and acrylic white to map the surface for some variety. The “528” was applied by airbrushing thru a hand cut paper stencil and touched up with a fine brush.

The model was weathered with oils, enamels and pigments. The known vehicle history says it survived until March 22, 1943 so I’m showing a little dust-mud and snow mixture to suggest an early spring thaw/snow combination.

Photo of the original:

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