The main idea behind this project was what if the factory that prototyped the twin 76mm KV-7 went into production with 107mm main gun since the KV-3 and KV-5 projects were cancelled.

The base kit is a Trumpeter KV-7 with a new casemate, scratch-printed gun mantle and the barrel from an old KV-5 build. The casemate is made from styrene sheet and the roof trimmed from the KV-7 with some modifications.

The model is detailed with Eduard screens, an ET fender section, and Fruil tracks. The tracks were a mini project. I bought them preassembled off ebay but they were a mini project, see below.

The model is painted with Tamiya and weathered with oils, enamels and pigments. Figure is Alpine painted with Vallejo acrylics.



The design started as a 3D CAD study. I had originally planned to 3D print the casemate too but printing wide flat surfaces is still a challenge to keep parts straight unless you go really thick.



The 3D mantle parts were printed by a friend of a friend. I put a call out on FB for anyone willing to assist and Rob R messaged me. It seems he and two other guys pooled resources and collectively bought a 3D printer which they all use. This sounds like a clever way to share the costs for a better quality printer. In a few days I got the two parts and did a quick test fit.

The donor kit is a Trumpeter KV-7. The casemate is .06" thick styrene sheet. The barrel was harvested from the KV-5 which I salvaged tracks off last year for the similarly armed KV-2 with 107.

The 3D printed parts were textured with Tamiya Grey putty thinned with liquid cement. Master Club 0.5mm hex bolts and 1.4mm + 1.8mm bullet proof bolts were added. The roof plate was cut to fit. All the holes for the periscope armor were filled with stretched sprue, counter bore holes were drilled and .7mm Hex Bolts were added. The acorn periscopes are from Bitskrieg and are only a little better than the kit parts. More holes were drilled for the Aber PE screw heads.


Progress on the wheels and welds. I purchased a set of assembled Fruil tracks off eBay. They looked good in the photos. I received the set and they were both right handed tracks. Ugh... I hate this and this is the 3rd set of Fruils to come like this. Not to be discouraged, I corrected the LH tracks by pulling out the existing wire a little snipping off the end, pushing it back down into the hole, drawing a file across the hole and gluing on a Meng .8mm bolt. I also filed flat the incorrect detail to form a bolt head. Repeat 85 times to create a left hand track. This looked pretty good but it not match the right side now, so I filed off the cast on bolt head and glued on 85 additional .8mm bolts.


Major construction is complete. The fender is a leftover bit from a KV-2 build.


Three tone camo is airbrushed with AK Real Colors and Tamiya


Markings are airbrushed on with some Eduard and Montex masks. There is a faint, older number under the 522.