This is a build of the Trumpeter KV-1 Heavy Cast Turret. The kit is pretty straightforward and one of Trumpeter's best early offerings.


I removed sections of the fenders and one of the return roller stations and mud scraper for some interest. The model was detailed with the Eduard PE set which covered the basics like the screens, radiator exhaust air deflector and some small brackets. Welds were created with either stretched sprue or Archer Fine Transfers resin details. The kit tracks were used but one run was modified for the missing return roller.


I've always liked the looks of the KV-1. The last time I tried to build one was way back in the 80s using Tamiya's KV-1. I never finished that kit so, this is a second chance. I picked this up for $10 at a kit swap meet with the intent of a quick build to test some dirt and mud effects. That was about 3 months ago which is still quick for me. The kit didn't include the decal sheet so I used some spares and painted over them for a more hand-painted look. The finish has been inspired by Adam Wilder's series of videos on YouTube under his Wilder Channel.


Useful Links:

References and kit review: 4BO Green KV-1

Adam Wilder's video tutorials: WilderYouTube Page