When the KV-1 first rolled onto the battlefield, its armor was all but impenetrable against every tank and anti-tank weapon the German Army had. With the introduction of larger and more effective tank and anti-tank guns, the KV-1 needed an armor upgrade. One expedited solution was to bolt on 20mm standoff armor plates called “Ehkranami” (with screens).

This is a build of the Trumpeter KV-1’s Ehkranami. Built mostly OOB except for:
Turned aluminum barrel
3D printed tracks
Brass MG barrels
Resin stowage boxes and antenna pot
PE intake and exhaust screens.
PE top hatch details.

The camouflage scheme is based on a photo of a KV-1”E” with an experimental winter camouflage with alternating solid white bands and alternating large or small grid pattern.

Link to Article, Red Army's White Tanks