The IS-2 is one of those iconic Soviet tanks of WWII. Large caliber gun, beefy tracks, rough casting texture and welds, plus photos show these things beat to hell. What a perfect subject for a model. I’ve wanted to build this for a while but it took me some time to finally get it on the bench.

I used the Tamiya kit and detailed with ET Models PE, Master Club tracks and Eureka tow cables. The figure is from Alpine. The tracks and some of the finer parts were salvaged from my ISU-230 build from a few years ago.


The model is painted with Tamiya acrylics and weathered with oil paints and lots of pigments. The bricks were kindly donated by Ian Bonner. They were cast in white plaster. I stained then with thinned Tamiya paint, applied some plaster and gave them a light grey wash. The rest of the rubble is fine sand or crushed red brisk dust.  The antenna was accidentally bent but I liked the look and kept it.