I bought the Tamiya kit with all intentions to use it for a Firefly and a couple other SF3D builds, but after building Futche's FF, there was no point. I used a few bits from the trailer on another scratchbuild so I couldn't flip it on EBay and hope to make anything back. The next logical choice was to build a Churchill.





The following is the build diary for the Churchill.

This is the vintage Tamiya kit from the 70s. Out of the box it builds a post war or Korea era Churchill. The details are minor but my interest in the Korean conflict is limited to reruns of MASH.  :-\ Most of the work involved was scraping plastic off to backdate to a 1944/45 era MkVIII. I used the Eduard PE set for the MKVII, the only one I know of but only used about 30% of the set since most of it was for the post WWII version.

The rubber band tracks had split in half so aftermarket tracks were my only option. The AFV club plastic ones were my first choice but those don't fit the Tamiya sprockets. I used the Fruil Models set

The stowage is a mix of Black Dog resin stowage for a Sherman Firefly and parts sculpted from epoxy putty. The Fruil set does not include enough for this amount of add on tracks so I cheated and am using a length of wire to join the two ends under the fenders.



The Churchill has been painted with Tamiya Acrylics. I airbrushed the larger modulation areas and hand painted with Vallejo the smaller details.



I've finished painting the gear and started the weathering. Right now it just has a couple of filters and a few washes to accent the details. The tracks have been attached.