I love building these MK44s. They are such an easy kit to assemble and a good pallet for modifications and weathering effects. This is my seventh complete 1/20 MK44.

The build started as one of the MK44s from the twin pack from 2014. I had a few leftover parts from prior WhiteKnight builds that I cobbled together some parts along with some scratch building to create a Lunar version of the MK44. I call it SternenKnight (Starry Night) as a play on words.


The completed model was given a coat of AK Fine Primer Matte Black from a rattle can. The model was hand painted with Vallejo Acrylics. Initial chipping was created by sanding the surface with an 800 grit sanding sponge. A Gunze Clear Coat was next applied to protect the base colors. Decals were applied and then chipped with a hobby knife or sanded to fade the colors. Additional chips were painted with acrylics.

The model was weathered with oils and enamels and given a grimy used finish.

The base is a simple styrene box filled with Styrofoam and topped with plaster impregnated papier-mâché. While wet I pressed in gravel and fine sand. The base was airbrushed with Tamiya acrylics and dusted with pigments and chinchilla dust.

The model was fixed with CA and blended in with additional oils, pigments and dust.


A few images of the model in progress. I had originally planned a pew-pew but changed it to a boom stick.