This is a conversion of the Hasegawa MK44 WhiteKnight. I added a few extra greeblies to the rear torso and scratch built a new gun.

This is now my fifth MK44 kit. I love these things. The kit is so well engineered and the design lends itself to customization.

Some of the donor parts used were:

1/20 Falke nose

1/8 LeRhone cylinder heads

1/72 Spitfire - for the rear gun body

1/144 Gebera Tetra gun - front of main gun

And lots of other little bits and pieces.

The model is painted with Tamiya acrylics. The light grey base coat was heavily mottled over a dark base. The salmon pink color is a custom mix of Tamiya Desert Yellow, Red, and Grey. I didn't keep track of the ratio but mixed until I was happy with the color. This was mottled over the base coat with the airbrush. Chips and scratches were painted with a small brush and Vallejo model color. I applied filters, straight oils and lots of speckling techniques to weather the finish.

The base is plaster with a few rocks pressed in before it set. I sifted dry plaster over the damp plaster for the rough Lunar surface. Chinchilla Dust was sprinkled to add some variety and set with diluted white glue. If you look closely, there are NASA EVA boot prints in the Lunar surface. I made small stamps from styrene and pressed these into the damp Chinchilla Dust. The surface was painted with Tamiya acrylics and weathered with oils, enamels and pigments.



Before Paint