This is my build of the worker suit from IHYSC. It was a limited run resin kit from 2009 mastered by Jason Eaton. He kindly sent a sample way back when and I finally got off my ass and built it.

I replaced the kit head with one from Brick Works and the hands with ones from Pink Tank. I omitted a few minor details for the sake of a speedy build, but this still captures the look of Kow’s sketch.

The model was painted with the hairspray technique. I wanted to show a well-worn rusty finish. It’s been a while since I successfully pulled off this finish to where I was happy with the results. The model was painted for several weeks and sat untouched because I didn’t want to paint the face details since I always struggle with them. I wanted to enter this in an upcoming show, so I decided to just push through and finish it. I spent about 4-5 hours painting the head with Vallejo acrylics. It’s not perfect but will do. The base was a rush job and I recycled one from an older build. I had planned on a factory scene but ran out of time. Maybe I’ll revisit this at a later time.